Resources to Help

Growing your office needs around strategy and execution.

Coaching & Consulting

Powerful insights from experience to help accomplish your goals and grow your team.

Live Workshops

Walk away with a strategy and tools to have a successful recruiting year.

Speaking Engagements

Recruiting in today’s market; a recruiter’s perspective to guide your leadership team.

Webinar Series

7 - week series to set up for success

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

We take an individualized approach to the needs of the client.

rekroot's approach to consulting is original to the each client. As your consultant we will work with you on improving your recruiting and selection methods within the financial services industry. Constructive feedback and guidance will be given in order to accomplish goals agreed upon by client and consultant.

  • rekroot's approach to coaching is original to each client
  • We will take each client through a one-on-one evaluation
  • Together, we will determine the best approach for your coaching program with rekroot
Speaking and Engagements


Live workshop to learn and work with industry experts on recruiting and selection.

At Firm Foundations, rekroot will give you the skills and strategy to have one of your best recruiting years. The workshop focus will be in skill set, strategy and execution. Learning best practices around sourcing, language and the entire interview process. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on recruiting trends.

  • At Firm Foundations: Talent Acquisition, rekroot will give you the skills and strategy to have one of your best recruiting years.
  • Best practices on sourcing language and process
Speaking and Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Based on your needs, have a unique talk or open forum session on how to improve your recruiting strategy and execution.

Speaking engagements are catered to your office wants and needs. A unique presentation will be created for the speaking engagement. The audience for a speaking could include recruiting teams, managers, and home office personal. To help you get a better understanding of our speaking engagement they could include topics such as:

  • Planning around Recruiting
  • How to Capture Your Ideal Candidate
  • Leaders in Recruiting
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • LinkedIn Branding & Sourcing
  • Culture of organization now & where you want it to be
Speaking and Engagements

Webinar Series

The webinar series is designed to bring our clients back to the basics.

Whether you have been recruiting for 20 years or just started, it will help set you up for the most up to date trends while still focusing on what has proven to work. The topics include:

  • Setting up “Systems For Success”
  • LinkedIn & Sourcing
  • Marketing to attract your ideal candidate & the candidate experience
  • Increasing the referrals from your office
  • The art of the COI relationship
  • How to attract the next generation of sales talent
  • Do’s and Don’ts in the interview process