Growing your office needs around strategy and execution.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements


Speaking engagements are catered to your office wants and needs. Engagements can be virtual OR in-person. We take an indepth factfinder on each potential client to understand what the current situation is to determine what items need to be covered in each presentation After a factfinding process is done to get a better understanding of your wants and needs, a unique presentation will be created for your group. The audience could include anyone from your office, pending the topic. This is also a great option to have a speaker for leaders in training! Topics covered in the past:

  • Planning for your next recruiting year- recruiting business plan provided
  • How to Capture Your Ideal Candidate
  • Generational Recruiting
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • LinkedIn Branding & Sourcing
  • How to build a rep referral culture
  • Best practices for behavioral interviewing
  • LinkedIn profile pages - great for advisors and staff!
Contract Recruiting

Contract Recruiting


Want help leveraging your recruiting? Contract recruiting is a great solution for you.

After several inquiries, rekroot grew their list of resources to now include contract recruiting! Every office has a recruiting- contract goal. Some have a dedicated recruiter, others don’t. This is a great solution to add to the funnel of candidates and see more people. A common concern among leaders is: “we just aren’t seeing enough people.” That can be a mix of time or knowledge, either way we are here to help. Our contract recruiting focuses on sourcing for your ideal candidate, setting up phone screens and scheduling to move forward in the process. All of our contract recruiters are trained and managed by rekroot. Here are a few details:

  • Inexperienced recruiting only
  • 10 hrs/ week minimum required
  • All sourcing tools (LinkedIn & job posts) are included in price
  • 15 min connect meeting each week to discuss candidates & pipeline
Hiring A Recruiter

Hiring A Recruiter


Is your office growing and you are ready to hire a full-time recruiter to your team?
Ask the experts to help!

At rekroot, we believe that hiring a recruiter requires the same selection process you would use hiring financial advisor. Having someone explain the recruiter role, from personal experience can make all the difference. This is especially effective if you hire rekroot to train your new recruiter as well. The transition is very organic and sets a prescience with your new recruiter. With our services, we will:

  • Create an accurate job description for your recruiter role
  • Source for candidates
  • Conduct initial phone or video interviews
  • Coordinate the interview process until offer
  • Provide suggestions for compensation and career path
  • Provide offer letter
LinkedIn Redo

LinkedIn Redo


A good LinkedIn presence can make all the difference in our professional world. When was the last time you “googled” yourself? Did your LinkedIn profile come up as first choice? Our co-founder, Morgan Freitag is our resident expert on LinkedIn. She will take your incomplete and basic profile to the next level of capturing your audience. What most people don’t realize is that the way you fill out your profile can either engage or disengage people to work with you. Assuming you want to make the best first impression, Morgan can help create the most attractive summary and align your profile to make you more visible with your preferred network. To deliver the best results, rekroot’s process is:

  • Complete a document with questions to learn more about you and why do what you do.
  • Schedule a 30-minute phone to discuss your intention with your profile.
  • After your profile has been completed we will schedule one last call to debrief.