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Coaching and Consulting


rekroot's approach to coaching is original to each client. As your coach, we will work with you on improving your recruiting and selection methods within the financial services industry. Constructive feedback and guidance will be given to accomplish goals agreed upon by client and consultant.

  • Individual OR team coaching options
  • During our factfinding process, we determine the best approach for your coaching program
  • Goals and commitments are set on each call to help you achieve the results you want


rekroot’s consulting spans a range of topics. A consulting project can consist of rekroot helping to create the recruiting and selection department for a scratch office, for an established office that wants to improve results, or with a home office that wants to run data analysis and receive expert recommendations for their situation. When asked to work on a consulting project, first we want ot understand your end goal. Some topics for consulting could include:

  • Starting a recruiting department checklist
  • Data analysis
  • Employer branding through social media
  • Selection process
  • Suggestions on ATS and sourcing tools
  • Helping you create a budget
  • Ideal recruiter candidate

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