Morgan and Kimberly recruited for agencies most of their career. They were often sought out as mentors in the field and loved seeing how they were helping others. Often, they would notice there were several recruiting resources out there, but never specific to financial services. Quickly, they realized the opportunity to make a greater impact on the financial services industry.

With their experience, knowledge, and passion for helping people, combined with an entrepreneur mindset, they started rekroot in 2015. Since it's inception, rekroot has grown in it's clients and services; solidifying what Morgan and Kimberly had noticed over their years in the field. In 2018 rekroot grew again, with new team member, Brianna, who aligns with the values, passions, and mission that originated rekroot.

Clients choose to work with rekroot because of their innovative approach to serve as a resource for achieving growth goals. What this means is, rekroot will invest the time to listen and understand your organization's unique position. Our team does this by reviewing your current progress, in line with where you want to be as an office and team. The real benefit is a personalized and comprehensive analysis that aligns with your goals, values, and objectives with actionable items and systems.


Rekroot educates and encourages financial services’ leaders and recruiters by partnering your vision and our expertise to accomplish growth.


Rekroot was founded to empower leaders and recruiters in the financial services industry through true partnership. Rekroot utilizes expertise and field success to coach and develop leaders and recruiters to attract the best talent.


Integrity, Intention, Influence

Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse and inclusive organizations not only show an improvement in their business results, but also represent positive values: we at rekroot are committed to learning and changing for ourselves & with our clients to be a part of this positive directive of change.



Kimberly Buck

Early in her career within roles at careerbuilder.com, staffing, and financial firms, Kimberly became observant that recruiting is a sales job, not just an administration job, and that helping recruiters to thrive in their career was overlooked. Recruiters having success to realize this career can be a life-long fulfilling role was also absent.

Kimberly explains, “I thrive on the trifecta of being able to pass along knowledge to both new and seasoned recruiters who have the passion to succeed, while having the patience to develop a fine art of selection.” With Kimberly’s guidance and rəˈkro͞ot’s efficient systems and structure, recruiters will understand what it takes to succeed, stay motivated collaborate with additional team members and have the confidence to work through skillset and knowledge of the industry to have conversations with purpose!

Before co-founding rəˈkro͞ot, Kimberly primarily worked with Northwestern Mutual and MassMutual in Executive Selection Roles, coaching teams of recruiters, managing directors, and new members of management. Kimberly has a proven track record of success from coast to coast.

In her most successful recruiting year, Kimberly personally recruited 21 associates.

Kimberly resides in Chicago with her husband, Tim & French bulldog, Oscar.
She enjoys traveling and is a die-hard University of Iowa Alumni. Go Hawks

Kimberly Buck

Morgan Freitag

Morgan began her career in retail with Ralph Lauren, traveling around to different store locations to recruit, rebuild or develop a successful sales team. After many years in the retail industry Morgan was introduced, by none other than her good friend, Kimberly Buck to Northwestern Mutual. Starting out as a Financial Representative gave Morgan a first-hand experience in to the role. A move to NYC took her career with NM into a new direction as a recruiter. After 7 years with Northwestern Mutual her experience in building, coaching and developing teams of recruiters, Morgan now wants to bring that knowledge to the industry.

Morgan’s thought process behind recruiting has always been “leave the candidate in a better position than when they first walked in your door. It’s a simple concept, however will make you a memorable recruiter.”

In her career, Morgan has taken a strong effort to understand the changes in recruiting, from paper resumes to “e” recruiting with a tool like LinkedIn. Her efforts in her personal recruiting success will help her relay to your company and take your sourcing to the next level.

Morgan is currently pursuing a certification as a “Certified LinkedIn Professional- Recruiter”. On a personal side, residing in Chicago has her summers full of running, music and neighborhood festivals.

Morgan Freitag
Strategic Growth Manager

Brianna Tucker

Brianna is the Strategic Growth Manager of rəˈkro͞ot, who joined the team in May of 2018. She focuses on the growth of the organization, as well as the growth of her clients’ organizations through introducing career changers to the financial services career.

After serving as the Assistant Director of Child Youth Programs for the US Navy, Brianna was introduced to the idea of working in financial services by her financial advisor. After a few rounds of interviews for the advisor role, Brianna asked the recruiter at the office to call her when a role “like her’s” (recruiting) would be available. And she did!

Brianna started her career in financial services in 2016 as a Director of Selection and Recruitment at Northwestern Mutual. Her early understanding of the importance for clients to have a financial plan, made her extremely passionate about the industry and its impact. With a focus on building personal relationships and a genuine interest in seeing others flourish, Brianna has been successful transitioning her Human Development educational background into a fruitful business model for recruiting. She has also developed systems to improve recruiting processes internally for both financial representatives and the recruiters; with a focus on community engagement, branding, and centers of influence. Seeing her recruits grow both personally and professionally was and is not only a goal but a reward.

People are her passion, and she truly believes that all of life’s moments are made by the people around you. She is an avid foodie, and loves creating new dishes and exploring local markets. You can find her hosting a group of friends to try a new recipe, while discussing the latest book-club book, or her Alma Mater, University of Illinois.

Brianna Tucker