Morgan Freitag

continued biography

Morgan began her career in retail with Ralph Lauren, traveling around to different store locations to recruit, rebuild or develop a successful sales team. After many years in the retail industry Morgan was introduced, by none other than her good friend, Kimberly Buck to Northwestern Mutual. Starting out as a Financial Representative gave Morgan a first-hand experience in to the role. A move to NYC took her career with NM into a new direction as a recruiter. After 7 years with Northwestern Mutual her experience in building, coaching and developing teams of recruiters, Morgan now wants to bring that knowledge to the industry.

Morgan’s thought process behind recruiting has always been “leave the candidate in a better position than when they first walked in your door. It’s a simple concept, however will make you a memorable recruiter.”

In her career Morgan has taken a strong effort to understand the changes in recruiting, from paper resumes to “e” recruiting with a tool like LinkedIn. Her efforts in her personal recruiting success will help her relay to your company and take your sourcing to the next level.

Morgan is currently pursuing a certification as a “Certified LinkedIn Professional- Recruiter”. On a personal side, residing in Chicago has her summers full of running, music and neighborhood festivals.

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